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Have you ever created a badge? Are you currently working on a badge? You are invited as a guest of honor to Hackster's BadgeLove! Meetup. We want to take an evening to appreciate the hardware heroes who do the often thankless and frequently futile task of creating PCB artwork, shitty add-ons, and PCB badges. 

We are excited to toast the winners of last winter's BadgeLove! contest on Hackster. Come in person, record a video or join via YouTube Live, and show us what you've built.

BadgeLove! Meetup

Join us

Friday, October 18th


Synapse Product Development 

640 Bryant St

San Francisco, CA 94107

Show and Tell

We love to see what you've made! Bring badges you've made and badges you've collected to show them off!

We want to see your badges!

We'll also be providing soldering irons and a soldering challenge where you can show off your skills! 

image credit: Pete Teoh

image credit: AOL, Roberto Baldwin

BadgeLove! Winner

by Attila Tokés

Attila won our BadgeLove contest with his design, an nRF52832 based, low power wire / contactless badge with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 and NFC functionality. We're flying him in to show and tell his badge. 

We have limited spots!

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