June 17, 2020 8AM PDT

Virtual Event

Concept to Prototype with Ultra96

Accelerating your time to a viable prototype

During this event you'll learn how to go from an initial concept/architecture of an automotive vision design to demonstrating application and algorithm feasibility using off-the-shelf prototyping systems from Avnet and Xilinx. 

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What You'll Learn

We'll demonstrate key steps used to create a viable automotive prototype using the Ultra96-V2 and Xilinx solutions:




Creation of an image processing pipeline using Vivado

Testing the image processing pipeline on the Ultra96 using PYNQ and OpenCV with the Dual MIPI Board and MIPI cameras running algorithms on the processor cores

Acceleration of the vision algorithm using Vitis and OpenCL to create a final application

We'll also look at current system solutions and use cases that demonstrate the technical advantages of Xilinx adaptable automotive solutions and how Avnet can help you integrate them into your next design.


Times listed below in Pacific Daylight Time

8:00 AM


8:10 AM

Demo Part 1: Creating an Image Processing Pipeline

  • Introduction to Vivado
  • Leveraging the Xilinx IP Library and IP Integrator

Fireside Chat: Making the Transition Between Development and Manufacturing

9:15 AM

Demo Part 2: Creating and Testing PYNQ Overlays

  • Algorithm Implementation and Optimization
  • Introduction to PYNQ

Fireside Chat: Benefits of Using PYNQ in your Automotive Designs

10:20 AM


10:30 AM

Demo Part 3: Creating Solutions using Vitis and OpenCL

  • Libraries Available for Development Applications
  • Build Flow Examples
  • Emulation and Optimization Schemes

Fireside Chat: Accelerating your Applications with Vitis and Vitis AI

11:45 AM




The demos presented during this event will feature the Ultra96-V2 an Arm-based, Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+™ MPSoC development board. This low cost board is perfect for prototyping without breaking the bank and designs can be migrated to more advanced boards like the UltraZed-EV or UltraZed-EG using Xilinx software solutions. 

UltraZed EV

The UltraZed-EV SOM is a high performance, full-featured, System-On-Module (SOM). During the event, we'll discuss the board features and how to migrate your prototype from an Ultra96-V2 to an UltraZed-EV for those times when you require additional features for your designs.


Adam Taylor

Founder, Adiuvo Engineering and Training LTD

Adam Taylor is the author of the MicroZed Chronicles which, over 5 years, 270 plus articles and 20 million plus views has taught engineers how to use the Zynq, Zynq MPSoC and Xilinx FPGAs. When he is not teaching or writing about FPGA /SoC development Adam develops FPGA based solutions for a range of applications including RADAR, nuclear reactors, satellites, cryptography and image processing. Adam is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and Visiting Professor of embedded systems at the University of Lincoln, he is also the owner of the engineering and consultancy company Adiuvo Engineering and Training

Kevin Keryk

Software Engineering Manager, Avnet

Kevin Keryk is a Software Engineering Manager with Avnet. He is a Computer Engineer by degree, Technical Marketing Manager by day, and an embedded software programming addict from an impressionable age which has turned into a mostly-healthy fascination with FPGA and other hardware craft over the past 10 years at Avnet.

Nick Ni

Director of Product Marketing for AI, Software, and Ecosystem, Xilinx

Nick Ni is responsible for product planning, business development, and marketing for Xilinx’s AI and software products. Prior to joining Xilinx in 2014, Nick held multiple roles in R&D and applications focusing on embedded system design and high-level synthesis at ATI, AMD, Qualcomm and Altera. Nick has a M.S Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto and holds over 10 patents and publications.  

Additional Resources

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This eBOOK includes 6 use cases for adaptable technology and its impact on automotive trends: automotive functional safety, vehicle-to-everything communication, occupant monitoring, aggregation/fusion and acceleration, RADAR for ADAS, and vision systems for autonomous vehicles.

ADAS and safety

Communication and monitoring

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As the demands on automotive capability increase, Xilinx XA portfolio of automotive devices and supporting tool chains provide designers with the ability to achieve not only the desired performance, but also the quality, functional safety and security required.

Embedded Video Processing Using the UltraZed-EV

How have embedded or hardware designers accommodated the trend toward video streams requiring higher resolution, higher data rates, and overall more compute-intensive applications? This webinar on Element14 will present an example of how this is done using the video-centric Avnet UltraZed-EV platform. 

Using Python Overlays to Experiment with Neural Networks

Python Productivity for Zynq, or PYNQ, has the ability to present programmable logic circuits as hardware libraries called overlays. Using existing community overlays, this video on Element14 examines how a beginner can experiment with neural networks using PYNQ on Ultra96. 

Make the Shift

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