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Integrating Arm Cortex-M soft CPU IP into FPGAs

If you ever wanted to get started with FPGAs without becoming a hardware expert, or already are a hardware expert who wants to integrate Arm Cortex-M soft CPU IP into their FPGA designs, this workshop is for you.

In this half-day virtual workshop you will get hands-on experience with creating, programming, debugging, and developing applications for Arm Cortex-M in Xilinx FPGAs, through DesignStart FPGA.

NO FPGA EXPERIENCE is required to get started!

August 14, 2019 

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Duration: 4 Hours

Get access to experts from Arm, Xilinx and Digilent

Three Hands-on Labs

Live Q&A Session

Kick-Off and Workshop Overview

What is DesignStart FPGA and How to Access Arm Cortex-M soft CPU IP for Free

8:30 am

Design Start FPGA and Use Cases for Cortex-M1 and Cortex-M3 Processors

Key Interfaces of Cortex-M1 and Cortex-M3 Processors

8:45 am

Software Development Flow / Tool Chain

9:15 am

Lab #1 Exploring the Architecture in Xilinx Vivado Design Tools

9:45 am

Lab #2 Saying Hello World

10 am


10:20 am

Debugging Applications

10:30 am

Lab #3 Completing A Simple Robot / Motor Control Application

10:45 am



12:15 pm

Register for the workshop and receive a coupon for 15% off all required hardware.

Special Offer!

Hardware Requirements

  • Laptop or computer
  • Digilent Arty S7-50T Development Board*
  • Digilent Pmod HYGRO: Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • Digilent Pmod NAV: 9-axis IMU plus Barometer
  • USB A to Micro-B Cable

*Must be the S7-50T version.

Attendees will receive detailed software download requirements and instructions prior to the workshop. All downloads are free of charge. 


Adam Taylor

Director, Adiuvo Engineering and Training

Adam Taylor is an expert in design and development of embedded systems and FPGAs for several end applications. Throughout his career, Adam has used FPGAs to implement a wide variety of solutions from RADAR to safety critical control systems, with interesting stops in image processing and cryptography along the way.

Alessandro Grande

Ecosystem Manager, Arm

Alessandro is the ecosystem manager in the automotive and IoT division at Arm. Alessandro is part of a global team that focuses on driving innovation by supporting a diverse range of developers building solutions in IoT, embedded, robotics, drones, machine learning and security. Before moving to this role, Alessandro has worked as a design and validation engineer on many different Arm products, some of which are in a variety of devices you use every day.

Jayson Bethurem

Product Line Manager, Xilinx

Jayson is the Product Line Manager for Xilinx’s Cost-Optimized Portfolio, which includes Spartan, Artix, and Zynq-7000 devices, and the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC family. With over 20 years of Xilinx design, technical support, training, and marketing experience, Jayson leads the design of multiple evaluation boards, such as the Spartan-6LX9 Microboard, Zedboard, and MicroZed.


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