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Are you passionate about deep learning and have ideas that could solve real-world problems?  

Over the next few months, we're hosting a series of activities to help you elevate your DL and computer vision application development skills using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. 

Participate and Win!

We're hosting a monthly survey/quiz to test your knowledge of the OpenVINO toolkit.  Participate in one or all for a chance to win one of hundreds of Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2, a plug and play development kit that offers high performance and low power for AI inferencing. The NCS2 is one of the many great tools to use when exploring an application using OpenVINO.

How Will You Use Your DL Superpower?

Unleash Your DL Superpower

A Superbot Companion

Boost your DL superpowers with the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. Watch the Video Learning Series and take the quiz to complete this quest.

Hackster influencer Alex Glow is building F3N - a fox companion robot. Submit your solutions to try on Fen using the OpenVINO toolkit's pre-trained models.

Imagine you’re a superhero. What real-world problems would you solve using your DL superpowers? Share your big ideas with us!

Entry Period

Entry Period

Entry Period

May 18 - May 31

April 20 - May 3

June 22 - July 5

Winner Announcement

Winner Announcement

Winner Announcement

July 10

June 5

May 8

Deep Learning Design Challenge

After learning how to use the OpenVINO toolkit, it's time to bring your deep learning application to life and compete for a slew of prizes!

Getting Started with the OpenVINO Toolkit

Speed up computer vision workloads, streamline DL inference and deployments, and enable easy, heterogeneous execution across Intel platforms.

Discover how the toolkit enables you to deliver faster, more accurate real-world results from edge to cloud. Learn to build high-performance, DL and computer vision applications that enable new and enhanced use cases in health and life sciences, retail, industrial, and more.




The Video Learning Series

Watch now and learn how to install the OpenVINO toolkit, run a few examples, and set up a system to run inference on a CPU and an Intel® Integrated GPU.

OpenVINO Toolkit: Installation

What is OpenVINO Toolkit?

OpenVINO Toolkit: Full Inference Flow

OpenVINO Toolkit: Running Demos

Learn how the OpenVINO toolkit enables deep learning inference and easy heterogeneous execution across CPU, Intel Integrated GPU, Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processing Unit (VPU), Intel® FPGA and more.

This playlist is focused on Windows and is subset of a large set of our video classes. If you wish to view options for Docker, Linux or macOS installations, please watch the OpenVINO toolkit video series on YouTube. 

OpenVINO Toolkit: Using Intel Integrated GPU

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