Always Connected, Always Seeing:

Combining 4G LTE and TinyML

Join our webinar for a technical deep dive on using Edge Impulse with Sony's new Spresense 4G LTE board to build cutting edge computer vision applications that leverage always-connected IoT sensors. Attendees will receive the open source example code at the end of the session to kickstart their own designs.

Event Ended

May 17, 2022

Webinar Overview

45 Minute Presentation | 15 Minute Live Q&A

In this 1-hour webinar you'll:

  • Build, train, and deploy computer vision algorithms to Sony's Spresense, using Edge Impulse.
  • Set up and utilize Sony's Spresense 4G LTE board.
  • Use Edge Impulse enterprise MLOps features to automate data collection, labelling, and maintenance.
  • Combine these features to build an always-connected, smart wildlife camera

About the Hardware

The Spresense microcontroller board enables edge solutions with high computing ability and low power consumption, making this platform ideal for professional industrial AI applications.


  • CXD5602 MCU
  • Arm® Cortex®-M4F x 6 core CPU
  • 156 MHz Maximum clock frequency
  • 1.5MB SRAM
  • 8MB Flash memory

  • GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART & I2S digital input/output
  • 2ch (0.7V range) analog input
  • Embedded GNSS with support for GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, WAAS & QZSS
  • Dedicated parallel interface camera input

The Spresense camera board connects to the Spresense main board and allows developers to create camera use cases.

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Spresense LTE extension board adds LTE connectivity to the Spresense main board and carries an on-board antenna and a nanoSIM card holder.

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The 3-in-1 IoT SIM card from Truphone is trusted technology for low-cost and retrofit projects. It splits into 2FF, 3FF and 4FF sizes to fit standard SIM slots. And as it supports eSIM technology, it's not locked to a single operator.

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Want a chance to get the Spresense hardware featured above for free? 

Register for the Spresense Developer Challenge 2022 and apply for hardware by May 20, 2022

Sony is calling upon innovative and skilled developers to use the Spresense microcontroller board to create a solution that solves a real problem or improves a process by allowing it to go faster, or cheaper, be more environmentally friendly, be more secure or in any other way make it work better.

Sony is giving away thousands of dollars in prizes to the top 12 projects. Join the challenge for your chance to win!

Purchase your Sony’s Spresense board from Framos (US) or Framos (EU) with our contest coupon code: FRA-SPRE-LTE-22 and get 10% discount on the full kit.


David Schwarz

User Success Engineer, Edge Impulse

David Schwarz is a User Success Engineer at Edge Impulse, helping customers build and deploy products powered by machine learning. He is a University of Texas graduate with previous experience in embedded systems design and applications engineering. He lives in Austin Texas and enjoys reading, swimming, and programming in his spare time.