August 26, 2021


Supercharge Your Products

with Sony's Spresense & Edge Impulse Embedded ML

Computer vision combined with powerful sound diagnostics for real-time decision-making are some of the hallmarks of Sony Spresense with Edge Impulse’s embedded ML technology. Together, Edge Impulse and Sony bring a unique combination of solid computing performance as well as serious power efficiency that is ideal for edge computing applications.

Join our webinar to learn how to build future-proof solutions with smart sensor analysis, image processing, and data filtering. We'll show you how to collect raw data, get insight into that data using signal processing and machine learning, and deploy your ML models, ready for scale and industrial production.

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Win a Spresense Hardware Bundle!

Edge Impulse is giving away a Sony Spresense Main Board + Extension Board to 3 webinar participants. Register and attend the event online, Thursday, August 26th to get your name in the drawing to win!

Webinar Overview

45 Minute Presentation | 15 Minute Live Q&A

In this 1-hour webinar you'll:

  • Learn how embedded ML gives real-time insights into complex sensor streams
  • Build your first embedded ML model in real-time
  • Gain insight into the types of problems ML solves, then build better products
  • Learn how to take your ideas to production and scale through complete MLOps

Want to follow along? Purchase your Sony Spresense board from Adafruit today!


Jenny Plunkett

User Success Engineer, Edge Impulse

Jenny Plunkett is a Texas Longhorn and software engineer, working as a User Success Engineer at Edge Impulse. Since graduating from The University of Texas she has been working in the IoT space, from customer engineering and developer support for Arm Mbed to consulting engineering for the Pelion device management platform.

About the Hardware

Sony Spresense Main Board

The Spresense microcontroller board enables edge solutions with high computing ability and low power consumption, making this platform ideal for professional industrial AI applications.


  • CXD5602 MCU
  • Arm® Cortex®-M4F x 6 core CPU
  • 156 MHz Maximum clock frequency
  • 1.5MB SRAM
  • 8MB Flash memory
  • GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART & I2S digital input/output
  • 2ch (0.7V range) analog input
  • Embedded GNSS with support for GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, WAAS & QZSS
  • Dedicated parallel interface camera input

Register and attend the event online, Thursday, August 26th to get your name in the drawing to win one of three Sony Spresense Main Board + Extension Board hardware bundle giveaways. 

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