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In this first of two ElephantEdge webinars you'll learn about the problems park rangers are facing and how to get started with IoTConnect and Edge Impulse Studio.

The ElephantEdge challenge is calling on the community to build ML models using the Edge Impulse Studio and tracking dashboards using Avnet's IoTConnect, which will be deployed onto 10 production-grade collars manufactured by our engineering partner, Institute IRNAS, and deployed by Smart Parks.

Webinar 1: The Software

September 11, 2020

Learn what problems park rangers encounter everyday when tracking and monitoring elephants and what solutions are needed most.

See examples of ML models using the Edge Impulse Studio, learn about datasets and how to use the Studio to build your solutions.

Webinar Overview

Learn how to get started with IoTConnect and how to build a dashboard for deployment on an elephant collar.


Vibhu Bhutani

Chief Strategy Officer

Zach is an entrepreneur, investor and technologist in the embedded space with a passion for TinyML and Internet engineering. Zach is a former Arm VP, founder and CEO of the Micro:bit Foundation and Sensinode, active in several of his portfolio companies, and secretly working to bring ML to any embedded device.

Zach Shelby

Tim is a Senior Business Developer in the Telecom Market and an expert on LoRaWAN-technology and other sensor networks. He co-founded Smart Parks to turn the latest innovative technologies into solutions for the protection of wildlife. Visiting and working in protected areas across Africa, India, Europe and the US for the past 20 years, he has a clear vision on what is needed in the frontline of wildlife conservation.

Tim van Dam


Smart Parks

Founder & CEO 

Edge Impulse

(An Avnet Company)

Softweb Solutions Inc.

Vibhu has been associated with Softweb Solutions for the past 10+ years and is currently working as a Chief Strategy Officer. As part of his role at Softweb, he manages the formulation and execution of business strategy and leads both the IoT and AI teams. With his combination of technical and business skills, Vibhu paves the path of product development for the core IoTConnect platform & its surrounding ecosystem. 

Coming Soon

Webinar 2: The Hardware

In the second ElephantEdge webinar you'll get an in-depth look at the hardware/firmware IRNAS is developing and how it will be deployed by Smart Parks in their elephant tracking collars. Registration coming soon! 

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