May 25, 2023


The Cutting Edge

i.MX 93 Applications Processors - From Architecture to Implementation

Join this webinar with NXP and three key partners - Variscite, Phytec and Digi International - where experts will go in-depth with the i.MX 93 applications processor family and efficient SOM solutions.

Learn how the i.MX 93 family delivers the best performance at optimized power for edge processing, get an in-depth architecture review and discover how key SOM vendors have built solutions to meet all your industrial and IoT needs. This webinar will also include key target applications for the i.MX 93 family as well as its latest schedule.

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Webinar Overview

45 Minute Presentation + Demos + Panel Discussion  | 15 Minute Live Q&A

In this 1-hour webinar we will cover:

  • The features of the i.MX 93 applications processors family and target markets
  • Key benefits of Embedded SoM solutions and software development using the i.MX 93 applications processor with the Yocto Linux® BSP
  • Unique offerings of the i.MX 93 SoC-based SoM solutions from NXP partners
  • How the i.MX 93 applications processor is used to develop system-level applications in industrial and consumer IoT markets

About the Hardware

The i.MX 93 applications processor family delivers efficient machine learning (ML) acceleration and advanced security with integrated EdgeLock® secure enclave to support energy-efficient edge computing.

This webinar will showcase the following products, all running on an i.MX 93 applications processor.

The i.MX 93 EVK for 11x11mm sample provides a platform for comprehensive evaluation of the i.MX 93 applications processors and also includes the ability to measure power consumption on the power rails.

The module based on the i.MX 93 processor from NXP offers high computing power with low energy consumption. The module enables the development of powerful, cost-effective and energy-efficient ML applications, e.g. for IoT applications.

The Digi ConncetCore 93 is an embedded, wireless system-on-module based on the NXP i.MX 93 processor, with AI/ML NPU, designed for longevity and scalability in industrial IoT applications.

The VAR-SOM-MX93 is an energy-efficient System on Module / Computer on Module with integrated AI/ML NPU (Neural Processing Unit) acceleration for smart embedded systems, at an attractive price point.


Srikanth Jagannathan

Tal Semo

Senior Project Manager, NXP Semiconductors

Managing Director Sales and Marketing | Americas,Variscite

Tal Semo brings 25+ years of experience in the high-tech industry. Mr. Semo has been leading Variscite’s Sales and Marketing team in the America region since 2021, positioning Variscite as the WW leader in the System-on-Module market and supporting thousands of customers in various embedded segments. Prior to joining Variscite, Tal spent over a decade at Medtronic and Zoll Medical where he held various senior R&D and Engineering positions. Mr. Semo also served in various management positions for Elbit and IAI, two of Israel largest defense companies, leading large-scale programs. Mr. Semo holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Ben Gurion University.

Srikanth Jagannathan is a senior product manager in the Secured and Connected Edge business unit at NXP Semiconductors. He manages multiple products in the i.MX 9 series, which is the next generation of applications processors from NXP. His passion is to create differentiated products that transforms the world we live in for better outcomes. Srikanth holds PhD and MBA degrees and is a Distinguished Innovator at NXP with 24 granted patents.

Bob Blumenscheid

Andreas Burghart

Senior Product Manager, Digi International

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Digi International

Bob Blumenscheid is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Digi with over three decades of experience in technology fields. His roles have included sales engineering and sales management as well as product marketing and business development. In his second stint at Digi, Bob plays a key role in driving product marketing for Digi embedded products.

Andreas Burghart is a highly experienced IoT technologist and product manager. He has held multiple roles in his 20+ years at Digi, including engineering/management, product management, sales engineering, and business development. He has a deep knowledge of embedded technology, including embedded hardware, software development environments, and the critical steps involved in establishing a successful embedded design for today’s demanding applications.

Yves Astein

Product Manager, Phytec

Yves Astein is Head of Product Management at Phytec with almost 20 years of experience developing and bringing cutting-edge embedded products successfully to the industrial market. Based on his technical background in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Yves has a passion for analyzing market trends, identifying customer needs, and creating solutions that use innovative technologies to solve customers' challenges. His market perspective expands over a variety of industries such as Industrial Automation, Transportation, Medical, Agriculture, Security, and more.

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