November 17, 2021


Microchip MPU SOM Solutions for Quick Prototyping to Full Production

Creating an industrial-grade microprocessor (MPU)-based system can require a significant amount of design effort. Microchip’s System on Modules (SOMs) can dramatically simplify your design by integrating all the features that typically make MPU based designs more complex.

Microchip is the only MPU vendor to provide its own MPU SOM which simplifies the hardware and software support. These production ready SOMs use a common set of proven Microchip components including the MPU, power management, memory and connectivity, thus reducing the overall PCB complexity, and making it easy to take your next project from prototype to production in a fraction of the time.

Join this webinar to learn more about the SAMA5D27 Wireless SOM Eval Kit and other Microchip SOM solutions that can help you speed up the development of your next big idea.

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Webinar Overview

45 Minute Presentation | 15 Minute Live Q&A

In this 1-hour webinar you'll learn about :

  • How to get started with the SAMA5D27 Wireless SOM
  • How Microchip simplifies the software development process potentially saving valuable time and money
  • Other MPU Platforms and where they are used

About the SAMA5D27 Wireless SOM Eval Kit

The SAMA5D27 Wireless SOM evaluation kit is ideal for evaluating and prototyping with the SAMA5D27 Wireless SOM (ATSAMA5D27-WLSOM1). The kit is made up of a baseboard, the SAMA5D27 Wireless SOM, and several connectivity options including 2 Mikro-E click board to allow for quick prototyping with other peripheral ICs. The evaluation kit is supported by a mainline Linux distribution as well as bare metal software frameworks allowing you to get started in a matter of minutes.

SAMA5D27 Wireless SOM Features

  • Arm® Cortex®-A5 processor-based SAMA5D2 MPU
  • 256 MByte LPDDR2 SDRAM
  • MCP16502 Power Management IC
  • WILC3000 WiFi and Bluetooth module

  • 64Mb Serial Quad I/O Flash Memory with Embedded EUI-48 MAC addresses
  • KSZ8081 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet PHY
  • Pre-provisioned ECC608 Secure Element (Trust&Go)
  • 40.8 x 40.8 mm Module, Pitch 0.8mm, Solderable Manually for Prototyping

Additional Featured Hardware from Microchip


SAM9X60-EK Evaluation Kit

SAMA5D2 Industrial Connectivity Platform

High Performance WVGA LCD Display Module with maXTouch® Technology

The ATSAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1 is a fast prototyping and evaluation platform for the SAMA5D2 based System in Packages (SiPs) and the SAMA5D27-SOM1 (SAMA5D27 System On Module).

The SAM9X60-EK Evaluation Kit is ideal for evaluating and prototyping with the high performance, ultra-low power SAM9X60 ARM926EJ-S based microprocessor (MPU) running up to 600 MHz. 

The SAMA5D2 Industrial Connectivity Platform is ideal for evaluating and prototyping with the high performance, ultra-low power SAMA5D27 Cortex-A5 based microprocessor (MPU) running up to 500MHz.

The High-Performance WVGA LCD Display Module with maXTouch® Technology is designed for evaluating the Microchip's graphics display solution and graphics library for 32-bit microcontrollers and microprocessors. 


Bryan Hahn

Product Marketing Manager, 32-bit Microprocessors Microchip Technology, Inc

Bryan is a product marketing manager for Microchip Technology’s 32-bit microprocessor business unit. He has been with Microchip for more than 11 years and brings with him more than 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. His previous product marketing background includes flash memory, microcontrollers and MOSFETs.

Bryan joined Microchip as channel technical marketing manager in 2010 through the acquisition of Silicon Storage Technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

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