Secure and Strong Wi-Fi

Industrial Grade Wi-Fi/Ethernet Bridging, Made Possible with Microchip

Finding the right Ethernet to Wi-Fi Bridging solution can be hard when it must be robust. Low-cost solutions often go out of production, do not allow for customization or are not designed for industrial applications. In this webinar, we will introduce the WFI32E01 Wi-Fi MCU Module with turn-key Bridging firmware that delivers rugged, reliable and secure Wi-Fi Bridging.

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November 2, 2022

Webinar Overview

In this 1-hour webinar we'll cover:

  • Introduction to Bridging
  • Ethernet Bridging hardware 
  • Ethernet Bridging software
  • Robust features of WFI32 Wi-Fi modules
  • Security features and Wi-Fi Interoperability (IOP)

The webinar will include a 10-15 minute live Q&A for participants to ask questions. 

Example of Ethernet to Wi-Fi Bridging 

About the WFI32E01 Wi-Fi MCU Module

Microchip’s highly integrated Wi-Fi MCU module, the WFI32E01, contains the PIC32MZW1 series Wi-Fi SoC, which is a 200 MHz high performance MCU with industrial leading Wi-Fi connectivity and rich peripheral options. This not only provides a robust Wi-Fi connection, but also serves as a powerful MCU core for the entire IoT system. The WFI32E01PC/UC module variants feature the Trust&Go platform, which means they are pre-configured and pre-provisioned for cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Alex Li

Product Line ManagerWireless Solutions Group, Microchip Technology

Alex Li is a product manager at Microchip, managing Wi-Fi products including wireless module, wireless IC, and Wi-Fi software. Alex has rich experience of managing software and hardware solution in the IoT and wireless markets.   

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