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Mini But Mighty 

Join hardware enthusiasts around the globe in this interactive, live build-along. In this workshop, we will go step-by-step building a motor control project with the MiniZed. No FPGA experience required. 


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Duration: 3 Hours

Step-by-Step Interactive Build of Motor Control MiniZed Project

Project Set-up, Demos and Instruction Provided By Industry Expert

Live Q&A Sessions

What you'll build

The new Xilinx Vitis tool is a unified software development environment that not only allows users to create embedded solutions but also accelerate applications from the processing system to the programmable logic.

In this build-along workshop we'll provide an in-depth walk through of how to create a Vitis embedded application on the MiniZed. The end project will be a low cost MiniZed motor control application using Vitis. 


8:00 AM

Part 1: Project Introduction

  • Brief overview of the MiniZed's key components and interfaces -WIFI, Blue-Tooth, Pmod & Shield
  • Development tools and physical tools needed to complete build
  • MiniZed PS/ PL architecture and how the two interface

8:25 AM

Part 2: Creating your design in Vivado

  • Review the PS settings
  • Map in the IP cores required
  • Design in the IP cores
  • Explore the constraint process and write the constraints

9:25 AM


9:30 AM


10:00 AM

Part 3: Creating your application in Vitis

  • SW development flow
  • TTC for PWM generation
  • Debugger and serial port demonstration
  • Create the Boot Files necessary for the configuration and running of the application without the need for JTAG

10:35 AM


Required Materials

To complete the project from start to finish you will need the following materials:

Hardware components:

You will also need:

  • Vitis - Comes with Vivado 2019.2
  • A computer running Windows 10 or Linux OS
  • A Minimum of 100GB free hard drive space

Special Offer!

The first 150 registrants to provide proof of a MiniZed purchase will receive the hardware listed below.

To be eligible for this special offer you are required to send proof of a MiniZed purchase to before January 13, 2020 at 9:00AM PT.

 Plus get $5 Off a MiniZed with code MINIZEDBUILD on 

 (Part # AES-MINIZED-7Z007-G )

About the MiniZed

MiniZed™ is a single-core Zynq 7Z007S development board.  With the advent of the latest cost-optimized portfolio from Xilinx, this board targets entry-level Zynq developers with a low-cost prototyping platform. 

This compact design features on-board connectivity through USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Peripherals can be plugged into dual Pmod-compatible connectors, the Arduino-compatible shield interface or the USB 2.0 host interface. JTAG circuitry is incorporated onto the MiniZed base board, so with a single microUSB cable to your laptop you are already up and running. User LED’s, a button and a switch allow for a physical board interface.

The MiniZed Kit includes the development board, a voucher for SDSoC license from Xilinx and a micro USB cable.


Adam Taylor

Founder, Adiuvo Engineering and Training LTD

Adam Taylor is the author of the MicroZed Chronicles which, over 5 years, 270 plus articles and 20 million plus views has taught engineers how to use the Zynq, Zynq MPSoC and Xilinx FPGAs. When he is not teaching or writing about FPGA /SoC development Adam develops FPGA based solutions for a range of applications including RADAR, nuclear reactors, satellites, cryptography and image processing. Adam is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and Visiting Professor of embedded systems at the University of Lincoln, he is also the owner of the engineering and consultancy company Adiuvo Engineering and Training


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