December 10, 2020


Smart Medical Design - Telehealth

Telehealth and the requirements of value-based care have significantly increased the need for medical IoT devices. The advent of the COVID-19 virus has accelerated this demand for telemedicine, remote monitoring and patient compliance devices.

In this webinar, learn how Microchip supports medical IoT devices, and what needs to be considered when designing medical IoT devices to make them smart, connected, and secure. 

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Duration: 1 Hour

45-minute Presentation

15-minute Q&A

What You'll Learn

  • What the medical device market was like before COVID-19

  • What the medical device market will be like after COVID-19

  • Connectivity, security, cloud solutions for telehealth and Medical IoT
  • Basic functions required for telehealth designs


Marten L. Smith

Business Development ManagerMicrochip Technology, Medical Products Group

Marten L. Smith is a business development manager in Microchip Technology’s medical products group. His career spans over 30 years of experience in semiconductor and systems engineering as well as marketing and business development. His experience has been at both Fortune 1000 firms and smaller entrepreneurial companies. He has developed product in multiple engineering disciplines, including new hardware and software designs as well as leading global technical project teams. Mr. Smith has also driven new product marketing initiatives and led the development of business within target market segments. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology from Brigham Young University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix’s traditional campus program.

Zhang Feng

Senior Applications Engineer Microchip Technology, Medical Products Group

Zhang Feng is a senior applications engineer in Microchip Technology’s medical products group. He is primarily responsible for technical customer support and creating reference designs for medical devices by using Microchip’s broad portfolio of products. Prior to joining the medical products group, Mr. Feng worked in Microchip’s failure analysis group as an FA engineer. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Beijing University of Technology and his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.

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As the healthcare industry rapidly evolves, the technology supporting healthcare needs to evolve with it. The importance of building smart, connected, and secure devices is becoming increasingly clear.

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