Dec 16, 2021


Syntiant’s Ultra-Low-Power Is Giving IoT a Sharper Edge!

Syntiant is the world’s leading ultra-low-power, always-on device for building edge solutions using image, voice, audio and sensor data.

While other machine learning workloads run in high-powered application processors and on cloud servers, Syntiant’s purpose-built devices offer more than 100x efficiency improvement while providing over a 10x increase in throughput compared to current low-power MCUs.

Together with Edge Impulse, Syntiant is combining purpose-built silicon with an edge-optimized data platform and training pipeline, giving developers a low-cost, low latency, end-to-end solutions that quickly deliver production grade deep learning models in a variety of domains to enable a robust interface between the physical world and digital world.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to easily sample raw data, build, download and deploy trained embedded machine learning models to the Syntiant TinyML Board and use the Edge Impulse studio to create low-power, high-performance speech, audio and sensor interfaces.

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Win a Syntiant TinyML Board!

Syntiant is giving away a TinyML Board to three lucky webinar participants.  Register and attend the live event for your chance to win!

Webinar Overview

45 Minute Presentation | 15 Minute Live Q&A

In this 1-hour webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Use the new Syntiant® NDP101 Neural Decision Processor 
  • Master the onboard microphone and enable recognition of "go" and "stop" keywords
  • Train models that can be easily downloaded on the TinyML board through a micro USB connection without the need for any specialized hardware
  • Become an Ultra-Low-Power expert and ship innovative products at work

About the Hardware

Syntiant TinyML Board

Syntiant’s Tiny Machine Learning (“TinyML”) Development Board is the ideal platform for building low-power voice, acoustic event detection (AED) and sensor ML applications.


  • Neural Decision Processor: NDP101
  • Host processor: SAMD21 Cortex-M0+ 32bit low power ARM MCU, including:

  • 256KB flash memory
  • 32KB host processor SRAM

  • Board power supply: 5V micro-USB or 3.7V LiPo battery
  • 5 Digital I/Os compatible with Arduino MKR series boards
  • 1 UART interface (included in the digital I/O Pins)
  • 1 I2C interface (included in the digital I/O Pins)
  • 2MB on-board serial flash
  • 48MHz system clock
  • One user defined RGB LED
  • uSD card slot (uSD card not included)
  • BMI160 6 axis motion sensor
  • SPH0641LM4H microphone


Atul Gupta

VP of Analog Design, Syntiant

Atul K. Gupta is vice president of analog design at Syntiant Corp. He is an expert in mixed signal microchip and system design with over 12 years of leadership roles. Prior to joining Syntiant, he was vice president of engineering at High Performance Analog (HPA) division of MACOM. He earned his Bachelor of Technology from IIT, Kanpur, India and master’s degree from University of Calgary, Canada. He has over 20 granted US and European patents.

David Schwarz

User Success Engineer, Edge Impulse

David Schwarz is a User Success Engineer at Edge Impulse, helping customers build and deploy products powered by machine learning. He is a University of Texas graduate with previous experience in embedded systems design and applications engineering. He lives in Austin Texas and enjoys reading, swimming, and programming in his spare time.