COMPLETE ACTIVITIES TO become a XILINX pro. Track your coins to win cool PRIZES!

activity key

New activities are added to the map each month. Look for the sparkle to find the activities most recently added!


Watch videos and technical webinars to enhance your Xilinx knowledge. 


Pick your brain, challenge your Xilinx understanding and share your thoughts.


Read about Xilinx out in the real world and deep dives into different technologies.


Put your skills to work and show us how you’re using Xilinx products in your applications.


Adventures are more fun with friends. Show us you're an active member of the community.


Enrich your journey by participating in bonus activities

project hero quest


The Xilinx team loves browsing the Hackster community for impressive projects showcasing their technology. Once a month, they'll select the "Project of the Month". Winners will receive $500 and get their project featured on!

To be eligible for this quest, you must be registered for the Big Xcellent Adventure and a member of the free Xilinx Developer Program. You must use Xilinx tools in your project and tag them in the BOM list and your project must have been created after August 1, 2020.

JUly winner

Team Javier-Cristian

REgister today!

To earn coins and participate in wishing rounds you must be registered for the adventure. 

Don't forget to Download a Scorecard to keep track of your points!

wishing round

You've worked so hard to earn coins and you're ready to win some prizes! Browse the prizes available in this wishing round below. Enter the drawing for the prize(s) you want by "making a wish". If you're not selected for a prize, you can keep your coins and save up for the next wishing round! 

Wishing Round 3 Opens October 11, 2021 @ 9am Pacific


Round 4 opens Dec 6, 2021 
Round 5 opens Feb 14, 2022

round 3 PRIZES





(10) Available


(10) Available


(5) Available


3000 COINS

4000 COINS


(3) Available


(2) Available



(2) Available


Thanks to everyone who has continued on this journey with us. We're a third of the way through this adventure and have so much more fun in store. Check out what your fellow adventurers were busy doing in the month of June!

Dominic Meads stepped up to the plate this month with a well documented project using Xilinx technology. His animated emojis using ZYNQ, UART and VGA earned him good fortune and an abundance of coins to use in July's wishing round. Way to go Dominic!

Project prodigy

Huge shout out to Raj Chauhan. Raj is brand new to our adventure and has already completed every quiz on the map. Not only that, he passed each quiz on his very first try. Color us impressed! 

Adventure Superstar


If you are looking for someone who knows all about the ways Xilinx technology has been applied in the field, look no farther than Mallitalluri. Mallitalluri joined our journey last month and wasted no time reading up on NASA rovers, video streaming and robotic surgery applications. Keep up the great work!


HOW to play



Register your player

Download a scorecard

Each activity is worth different coin values. After completing an activity, you'll be sent a secret activity code. Keep track! When you enter the prize rounds, you'll need to upload your scorecard to prove your participation.

You can complete activities just for fun or track your coins to win fun prizes. Either way, start by creating a free account and register your Big Xcellent Adventure Player so we can watch your progress.



Explore the game map

win prizes

The map activities are designed to teach, engage and activate. Each activity requires a quiz or form to be submitted to earn your activity code and coins. More activities will be added each month!

BXA has five wishing rounds where players can "make a wish," using their coins to enter drawings for cool swag, hardware and more. You can only make wishes for prizes equal or less than your earned coin total.


Am I Eligible to Participate?

Everyone is eligible to complete activities and learn about Xilinx. However, you are only eligible to win or be awarded prizes if:

  • You are at least 13 years of age
  • You are not a resident of Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Cuba, Egypt, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, North Korea, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Myanmar, Mongolia, Macao, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, or Yemen. These countries are Xilinx restricted countries or US export regulations prohibit the export of goods and services to the countries listed above, therefore residents of these countries are not eligible to participate in the Big Xcellent Adventure.
  • You are not involved in the execution or administration of the Big Xcellent Adventure.
  • You are not an immediate family member or household member of a Hackster, Xilinx or Avnet employee.

Why do I need a scorecard?

Before you can participate in the Wishing Round you'll need to download a scorecard. You are responsible for keeping track of the activities you've participated in and how many coins you've earned. Each activity is worth a certain number of coins and includes a form, quiz or survey you will need to fill out to earn your coins. When you complete the form, you'll receive an activity code. Record the activity name, date completed, and code on your scorecard. Keep it in a safe place, you'll need this scorecard to enter the wishing round! 

What is a wishing round?

Throughout the year there will be 5 wishing rounds. A wishing round is an opportunity for you to enter the coins you've earned for a chance to win one or more prizes. When the wishing round opens, click the "make a wish" button. You'll choose the prize(s) you'd like to wish on based on the number of coins you've earned. Upload your scorecard to the form with the codes and activities you've participated in and click submit.

Does everyone win a prize?

No, there are a limited number of prizes for each wishing round. Submitting your coins to a prize or prizes in a  wishing round does not guarantee you will win a prize. If you do not win a prize in a wishing round you entered, you will be able to keep your coins and try again next time. 

How are winners announced?

Winners will be announced on this page 5 days after each wishing round ends. Winners will also be contacted via the email used when submitting their coins in the wishing round. 

I won a prize! When will I receive it?

The prize fulfillment process will take up to 8 weeks after winners have been announced. You will receive an email when your prize is shipped. If you need to make any changes to your address during that time, please contact us at

Do I need to pay taxes/customs fees on my prize shipment?

No, Xilinx will ship all the prizes and will cover the taxes/customs fees associated with shipment. 

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